An Attic

2003: Description of how the web works as a collaborative adaptive environment. Sensible, still holds true, and also introduced (or re-introduced, I can’t remember) me to the word “stigmergy” which is a handy biological term for this stuff, even if it didn’t exactly catch on in webland.

2003: Brad DeLong considers the economics of buying wine in a Palo Alto restaurant. Relevant to my current interests (viz I am on a business trip right now).

2009: stumbled across this coincidentally just now. A review of Bill Wasik’s And Then There’s This: How Stories Live And Die In Viral Culture that segues into the John & Yoko exhibition then occupying the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. (The cover band mentioned broke up a year later, due to conflict between the guy who played John and the guy who played Paul - go figure.)

2009: A Slideshare presentation by Matt Jones connecting the Invisibles comic, Archigram, the Internet of things, making, magic, etc. I found it by accident today looking for another of Jones’ presentations, about data as a building material.